From a relaxing massage to therapeutic work, our highly trained and experienced licensed massage therapists will help you customize a massage session that will work in sync with your body.  You can request whether you prefer deep tissue work, a lighter touch, or something in between.  

30 Minutes                                                 $45

60 Minutes                                                 $75

90 Minutes                                                 $100

2 Hours                                                       $155

15 Minute Seated Chair Massage           $20



Hot Stones                             $15

Private Steam *                      $15 single/$20 per couple

Sea Salt Soak *                       $20

Dry Brushing *                        $25

Scalp Massage *                     $20

Cleansing Shower                  $10

Half Hour Energy Session*   $50

* Indicates add ons that extend your treatment time

Essential Foot Treatment

Aromatherapy steam towels cocoon your feet before and after an exfoliating scrub, followed by a foot massage.
$50     30 minutes
$70     60 minutes

Spa Facial Massage

For men and women. Steam towels, deep cleansing, exfoliation, raw, local honey masque and skin hydration with shoulder, neck and arm massage.  Aromatherapy upon request.
$75     55 minutes

We are more than happy to provide you with a receipt for insurance reimbursement.  All service prices are the same as above unless listed otherwise.

Couples Side by Side Massage

Enjoy a massage next to your partner.

$170     60 minutes (per couple)

$220   90 minutes (per couple)

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

The therapist uses their feet to provide a broad, deep pressure without leaving you feeling sore the next day.  Balance bars are installed on the ceiling overhead the therapist for balance and to control the amount of pressure the client is comfortable with. The client must be in good physical health to receive ashiatsu.

Pregnancy Massage

Body cushions are provided to ensure maximum comfort for momma to be.

Reflexology Massage

Stimulates zones on the feet that corresponds to the organs of the body.  Promotes healing and relaxation.


A gentle, non-invasive method of evaluating and enhancing the functions of the craniosacral system.  This therapy promotes the body's natural healing processes and is effective in treating a wide range of physiological disharmonies and related pain.  Recipient should wear warm comfortable clothing. 

TMJ Massage

Techniques to release tension of neck, face, and jaw muscles.  Assists in relieving tooth pain, headaches, and neck strain doe to clenching.  This procedure includes neck and shoulder massage and oral muscle release.

$80     60 minutes

Structural Massage

An organized system of bodywork designed to align the structure of the body with gravity.  Structural Integration works to unravel the postural patterns caused by physical or emotional trauma. for more info on structural integration

$120     90 minutes

Energy Work

An energy-based therapeutic approach to healing. Influences physical, emotional, and mental health and healing processes through clearing blocks and restoring balance in the energy systems.

$100     60 minutes


Instructional Massage

Receive private training with yourself, a partner, and one of our experienced massage therapists.  Your session will be designed around what you want to learn.  Do you have a friend that suffers from headaches?  Or maybe you want to learn to give your partner a tension relieving neck and shoulder massage.  Whatever it may be we are here to help.

In the session you will be on the massage table receiving massage, and will also be walked through the steps in proper body mechanics and how to be confident giving bodywork.

Allow at least 90 minutes.